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Advil cold and sinus tablets recalled in Canada due to labelling mix-up

TORONTO — Two lots of Advil tablets have been recalled in Canada due to a labelling error that may lead to some caplets being taken at the wrong time of day.

Health Canada announced the recall on Sunday, saying it concerns two specific lots of the Advil Cold & Sinus Day/Night Convenience Pack boxes.

Affected boxes contain either 18 caplets (lot number ER2072) or 36 caplets (lot number ER2069), and have an expiration date of February 2023.

Health Canada says they were sold across the country starting in July 2021.

The issue, according to manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, is that the foil backing on the medicine’s packaging was printed upside-down and misaligned. As a result, beige caplets meant to be taken at night are mislabelled as daytime caplets, and some orange daytime caplets are mislabelled as nighttime caplets.

“Taking a nighttime caplet when alertness is required may pose potentially serious adverse health consequences, such as when driving motor vehicles or operating heavy machinery. It may also cause potentially serious health consequences for those who have taken other sedatives or tranquilizers, consumed alcohol, and the elderly,” Health Canada’s recall notice states.

It is recommended that anyone who has Advil products covered by the recall stop using them, and consult with a health-care professional if they have health-related concerns. Recalled products can also be returned to the point of purchase.

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