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Canada should ‘increase pressure’ to raise vaccination rates: CMA president

As the Canadian Medical Association expresses concern that the health-care system might be ‘unable to recover’ from the latest COVID-19 wave, president Dr. Katharine Smart says higher vaccination rates are needed to help ease the burden on hospitals.

“Yet again, our hospitals are overwhelmed,” she told CTV News Channel on Tuesday from Whitehorse. “And we know people who are fully vaccinated — which right now means having three complete doses for COVID-19 — are well-protected against severe disease and hospitalizations.”

She called vaccine mandates “challenging” but said governments should be looking to “pull at the levers we have to increase pressure on people.” An example she cited was how new laws in Quebec now mean people are unable to enter cannabis and liquor stores unless they have gotten their COVID-19 jabs.

In a statement on Tuesday, the CMA called on federal, provincial and territorial governments to work together to reduce the strain on Canada’s front-line facilities.

For more, check out the full interview above.

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