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Liberals to introduce tougher version of bill to ban conversion therapy

The Liberal government is set to introduce a tougher version of its earlier bill to ban conversion therapy, which failed to pass before Parliament was dissolved for the election.

Nicholas Schiavo of the advocacy group No Conversion Canada said he has spoken with the federal government about the new bill, and that it will “leave less room for loopholes.”

The coming proposed legislation would make it illegal to try to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity through a discredited practice known as conversion therapy.

A previous bill, known as C-6, would have made it a criminal offence to force adults to undergo conversion therapy against their will.

The Liberals promised to reintroduce a version of the bill within the first 100 days of a new mandate, which began when cabinet ministers were sworn in last month.

Nicholas Schiavo of the advoacay group No Conversion Canada says he has spoken to the federal government about the upcoming bill. (CBC)

A spokesperson for Justice Minister David Lametti said the government is committed to a “complete ban” on conversion therapy.

Schiavo said his organization expects the new version of the bill to be stronger than the last.

“Our expectation — what we have heard — is that upcoming legislation will introduce a complete ban on conversion practices without any loopholes for age, gender identity or faith,” he said.

Bill C-6 was heavily amended and opposed by more than half the Conservative caucus the last time around. It was strongly supported by other parties.

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