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Most new COVID-19 cases are inadequately vaccinated Quebecers; vaccine passports could be used as of Sept. 1

MONTREAL — Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated Quebecers accounted for 92 per cent of new COVID-19 cases from July 1 to 24, the province’s health ministry confirmed.

There are now 1,263 active cases in the province, with 58 people in hospital and 17 people in ICU.

Quebec officials tell CTV News that “if the situation continues to deteriorate,” it plans to implement the use of vaccine passports starting Sept. 1.

“The purpose of the vaccine passport is to allow access to non-essential activities for properly vaccinated people,” explains Marie-Louise Harvey, a media relations officer for the ministry. “Its specific use will be determined according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation and the vaccination coverage in Quebec.”

Quebec’s health officials say they are monitoring the situation closely, as the number of new COVID-19 cases has remained over 100 since July 28.

“The effects of vaccination are encouraging as the rise in cases has not led to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths,” said Harvey. “This is why the government reiterates the importance of obtaining the first and second doses of the vaccine, according to the recommended guidelines.”

As of Aug. 3, 83 per cent of the eligible population aged 12 and older in Quebec has received one dose of a vaccine; 67 per cent has received two doses.

However, the INSPQ has stated the province’s vaccination numbers are currently not enough to ward off the ever-present Delta variant.

“[It] will likely be the dominant strain in the coming weeks,” the institute indicates.

The ministry insists it has no plans to force another lockdown on the population.

“Currently, the situation does not require the closure of certain sectors or activities,” states Harvey.

Quebec officials are continuing to encourage people to follow public health measures, such as keeping a two-metre distance, wearing a mask and washing hands.

“The situation demonstrates that the application of sanitary measures currently in place must continue to be applied, even for adequately-protected individuals, since the virus continues to circulate in the population,” Harvey said.

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