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How sleep can help your performance

Written by Kayla Forcier

It is often seen as prideful in our society the less sleep we get because we are #grinding. But why is it necessary to lose sleep for the perception of getting more accomplished?

Sleep is a vital part of our recovery, productivity, mood, and optimal hormonal functioning. Especially when it comes to competitive endeavors (both mental and physical), sleep is crucial to performance. Getting the proper amount of quality rest (REM and deep sleep) is where the most restorative sleep and growth happens. When we are in our deep sleep cycles, 75% of our growth hormone is released. This growth hormone repairs our muscles and allows our body to recover from the previous days’ stress. GH also stimulates protein synthesis and the metabolism of fats to be used for energy. 

If sleep is being interrupted, this GH is stalled, and therefore progress is also delayed. Some things that can hinder our sleep quality:

  • Not getting to bed before midnight. Due to light exposure, it is our natural circadian rhythm that drives our sleep-wake cycles️
  • Too many stimulants too close to bedtime. Dropping pre-workout at 5pm to train? Did you know the half-life of caffeine is 3-5 hrs, which is the amount of time it takes for only HALF of the caffeine to leave your body
  • Circadian rhythm flopped/ HPA Dysfunction. When our adrenals are being overworked, and we have too high of cortisol at night (or with HPA Axis Dysfunction, no cortisol at all), this can give us the “wired and tired” feeling

When it comes to optimal mental and physical performance, sleep is probably one of the number one things you should prioritize. We are in a society today where we are overworked, overstressed, and under-recovered. Take ACTION to get better at this simple human need, and I guarantee you will see a difference in your quality of life.

Need some help in getting your lifestyle habits back in your control? Shoot me an email at kayla@relentlessforever.com, and we can chat!” View original article here Source

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