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Stop The Comparisonitis

Stop The Comparisonitis

Written by Solana Lewis

I get it, comparisonitis is REAL.

Looking at the gains you see your friends making or other people you follow in IG can make you feel like you are doing something wrong, or that you just are not “good enough” at lifting.

Comparing yourself to others will make you doubt yourself.

Here are 3 tips to get over “comparisonitis”:

  1. Track your progress from week to week! Write down the weights you are in every session.

  2. Pay attention to rep PR’s! 1RM’s are not all that matter! It’s a huge confidence boost when you notice a new 3RM or 5RM!

  3. Stick to a program. It is easy to hop from program to program when you feel you need a change,but stick to your program and if you are not on one, find a program or a coach so you can stay on track with your goals!

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